Final Fantasy VI Soundtrack Given the OC Remix Treatment

By Heath | July 7, 2013 at 4:01 am

If you love game music, then you gotta love the Final Fantasy VI soundtrack. Many will say it’s some of Nobuo Uematsu’s best work — if not some of the flat-out best ever. OC Remix raised a successful $150,000 kickstarter and used that money to hire the Slovak National Orchestra and pay Square Enix royalties. Now they pass the benefits on to you, with the complete, beautiful, remastered soundtrack up for free download. Check out a YouTube sampler on the download page for a hint of the awesomeness you’re getting.

Final Fantasy V and VI remakes: why DS? (Editorial)

By Heath | January 3, 2008 at 2:09 am

Square Enix’s previous use of the Game Boy Advance to release updated versions of Final Fantasy I&II, IV, V, and VI has a lot of people thinking ahead, especially now that Final Fantasy III and IV have received DS remake treatment.

Many gamers are now clammoring for DS remakes of Final Fantasy V and VI. But this is where my thoughts seem to break off from the masses. Perhaps I’m a greedy prick, but I demand more. Should those games be remade, I’d rather play them on a big screen. Give me those on PS3, please.

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