PlayStation Portable
Reviewed: 1/31/2010

That said, it’s not a good game to end with, either.  Namco Bandai has called this the last .hack game, and truly, the series desrved a better sendoff than this.  It has a story to satisfy, but the gameplay is some of the most wretched of the whole generation.  My words can’t even do justice to how sickening this game feels to play.   It’s at odds with itself being somehow both stupidly easy, yet mind-blowingly frustrating.  This does not bode well when considering the dungeons are a level of boring I hadn’t known to exist, the battles are like playing a demo on loop, the boss fights are obvious signs of corners being cut, and some technical aspects could have (and have been) better programmed by students and indy developers.  It’s great story can’t save .hack//Link.  It’s just a horrible game.

-Heath Hindman

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The Verdict: Horrible