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Updates: (9.2.05: 27 New Wallpapers) (8.25.05: PoPoLoCrois Preview)(8.21.05: Week in Review)(8.17.05: Nippon Ichi Interview and Contest) (8.11.05: Dragon Quest VIII Preview) (8.9.05: Wild Arms Series Wallpapers) (8.8.05: Radiata Stories Preview)

More Suikoden: 9.2.05: As if the upcoming tactical RPG incarnation wasn't enough, Shonen Jump Magazine revealed Suikoden V today. Check out the scans: Scan 1, Scan 2 (smaller, off-center version of first scan).
12:43 pm/Central Time

Papers: 9.2.05: Just posting a quick note that we updated the Wallpapers section with two new game sections. In all, 27 new items were added today.
1:09 am/Central Time

Square Enix Drops News Bombs: 8.31.05: Coming at you directly from Square Enix, Romancing SaGa, known as Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song in Japan, will ship to North American retailers on October 11. The company says, "Romancing SaGa, the latest in the legendary SaGa series, blends technology and creative vision together to produce a world of wonder."

Also of note is the overhaul given to the American website for Radiata Stories. There's all kinda of new goodies on there, so if you're awaiting that game, check those links out.
5:50 pm/Central Time

New Forums!: 8.31.05: Hey guys! I finally got the boards online after a very annoying delay. Style isn't up yet but the forums are working. Still a free signup and everything, so just head over to our new forums and register. I'll be changing the nav links soon.
9:20 am/Central Time

Giveaway Modification: 8.31.05: We've given away plenty of free games like these RPGs as prizes before, but we've never actually gone into our fine print and used that "right to modify this contest" part. We've previously ruled that winners must be in the US or Canada. That apparently hasn't stopped a bunch of hopeful Europeans from entering. By all rights, we should just delete and burn these entries, but we have big, soft hearts at RPG Land, and therefore have decided that the NIS America game giveaway is now OPEN to EUROPE. See the contest page for the full deal.
12:02 am/Central Time

Breaking News: 8.29.05: The official Turbine Website has officially announced the upcoming closing of Asheron's Call 2. Turbine CEO Jeffrey Anderson wrote a letter to the players that says: "In spite of our hard work and the launch of Legions, AC2 has reached the point where it no longer makes sense to continue the service. We will be officially closing the Asheron's Call 2 service on 12/30/05. Until then, we plan to run live events, but we will not be adding any content or features. We deeply appreciate the many dedicated fans of AC2 who have stood by us over the years. You have our sincerest gratitude."

RPG Land wishes the best of luck to AC2 dev team members.

7:09 pm/Central Time

PoPoLoCrois Preview: 8.25.05: Hey guys dig this....RPGLand's first ever PSP preview. PoPoLoCrois for the PSP. Read the preview and learn more about this game with the tongue twister for a name.

**UPDATED 8/25/2005 4:55 pm: This just in. Straight from Agetec the release date for PoPoLoCrois has officially been changed to October 25, 2005.
2:13 am/Central Time
-Q Jets

Breaking News: 8.23.05: Hot off the press, Square Enix plans on making game developer Taito (responsible for games like G Darius, and many other arcade action-like games) a member of its own band. Since Taito is stronger than Square Enix on the arcade scene and in Europe, but Square Enix has a clear advantage in the states, both companies could strengthen each other with this merger. I hate to use a DBZ comparison, but consider it similar to when two of those dudes merge and then start going all crazy with power. Square Enix has reportedly put $409 million US on the table for this (a little more than 45 billion yen).
2:05 pm/Central Time

News and Stuff: 8.21.05: First off before I say anything else RPGLand will like to thank Nippon Ichi for donating their time to answer all of our questions and help us out with the contest...what contest am I talking about? why this silly....Now time for Week in Review news! Read it! its good stuff! This week's foray includes info about Final Fantasy XI, Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst, Ultima Online, Advent Children and more.
4:49 pm/Central Time
-Q Jets

Nippon Ichi Interviewed: 8.17.05: RPG Land had the opportunity to ask Nippon Ichi a few questions about the past, present, and future of the company. We also have another contest going, so be sure to sign up!
3:06 pm/Central Time

Antonia Crowned: 8.14.05: At this time, RPG Land congratulates Anna Wainscoat for winning Sony Online Entertainment's Quest for Antonia contest. Courtney Simmons declared that even though a Men's magazine and a bikini contest were involved, this event was "all about girl gaming." EverQuest II reportedly boasts a higher percentage of female players than other MMORPGs. Perhaps the movement is working, because at the very least, Wainscoat became an avid EQ2 player in the months time leading up to the contest, citing her boyfriend (*d'oh*) as an excited trainer.

So once again, congratulations, Anna, and if it doesn't work out with this boyfriend guy, Q Jets said he's available.
11:41 pm/Central Time

Dragon Quest Is Back: 8.12.05: I'm a fan of this update. That's all I'll say.

+Dragon Quest VIII Preview
+Dragon Quest VIII Wallpapers
12:30 am/Central Time

How Tragic: 8.11.05: As of now, it appears Orie is indeed gone with no way of sending me or Quinton his pictures or adventure details as of yet. As the guy that kinda runs the updating here, this makes my brain hurt, but it would seem there's not much any of us can do. On the bright side, I suppose we can laugh a little bit that this ended with some interesting irony: Real life obligations got in the way of a publicized video game binge. How about that? We go all out saying we're gonna get this thing done, then we pull it off (even in the face of work, family, and sleep), but the last batch of pictures and journals is hit with a's so...Andy Kaufman of us. Or, if you want to be an ass about it, a little lame. I hope you understand though.

Thanks for hanging with us during these last 3 weeks. Your emails, message boards posts, etc. have been awesome. Although they are delayed, I guarantee that these updates will be finished. Given the time Orie will be gone, we expect this to happen early next week.

Also, we've decided to make this an annual feature on the site. Next year's will be much better planned-out, as this one was thrown together very last-minute and proved--I admit it--a tad bit sloppy. What series will we do next year? Maybe 5 Breath of Fire games in 10 days? 4 Wild Arms in a week? We're not sure. Feel free to email us with suggestions though :)
12:10 pm/Central Time

Brief Message from the Frontlines: 8.10.05: After nearly 2 days of radio silence from Orie, I got this email in my inbox today: "We are so in the Calm Lands. So yeah...we're gonna make it...dunno about updates though afterward, since I'm leaving that very night for the rest of the week and weekend to go to college orientation and out of town family stuff. I'll whip Quinton into it." The email was sent at 2 AM, so they must be pretty close to the end of FFX. by now I'm standing by to post updates as soon as they send them to me. *Crosses fingers and hopes*
9:04 am/Central Time

With the Quickness: 8.9.05: New stuff is always cool, but the world would surely implode if we forgot the classics. Thus we deliver Wallpapers from the first two Wild Arms games (anime series included), and Wild Arms 3. A quick update for you today.
7:09 pm/Central Time

Breaking News: 8.8.05: Two bits of breaking new today. First, Atlus USA will be shipping another batch of Riviera copies to stores, thanks to strong sales. They announced this on their website.

In more linky goodness, Square Enix opened the official English site of Radiata Stories. How well-timed of us to have our preview of the game posted just today!

To update you on our Megathon, Orie is somewhere very very deep into FFIX. We're sorry about the lag time between clearing games and journal entries, but there's not much we can do about that. We're only a few people ^_^
5:41 pm/Central Time

The Day Shift: 8.7.05: More Megathon updates in the form of the uploading of Final Fantasy VI pictures and another small update to the FFVIII Journal.
12:20 pm/Central Time

The Late Shift: 8.7.05: As you may know, the journal accounts for our clearing of these FF Megathon games take a little while after their completion to be posted. That said, Quinton has finally finished the journal of Final Fantasy V. That's not all though, there's a new Week in Review posted, with some interesting RPG news bits.
12:26 am/Central Time

Love Story: 8.6.05: My sister and I have joined Orie in the Final Fantasy Megathon. Our duty is Final Fantasy VIII, and we're trucking right through it. Check here to see updated progress on our trek. We'll be updating here and there, rather than all at once like the other guys like to do.
9:19 pm/Central Time

Bump in the Road: 8.4.05: Due to, "Unexpected outside obligations that absolutely cannot be ignored, involving work, friends, and family," the Megathon experienced a slight delay, but is still going on. Orie will be flying solo for a short bit, and then I, Eric, will join the frey, starting with FFVIII. We'll keep you posted, and THANKS to all of you who've been expressing your support in emails and on message boards.
7:10 pm/Central Time

Review intermission: 8.4.05: Hey guys, Q here. As our dynamic duo fighter their way through the last remaing days of the megathon (if they're still alive) let's take a look at a review of Arc the Lad: End of Darkness for PS2. The game tried....and tried...ohhh so hard... *sigh*
8:48 am/Central Time

Bittersweetness: 8.3.05: In Megathon updateness, our duo has briefly reported to me that they are in the City of the Ancients in FFVII, but they still haven't posted an update of their own, which is odd. Perhaps they are on their Megathon death beds? Who knows? ON the bright side, we have these two-dozen Final Fantasy XII Wallpapers and three new pieces of Fan Art by Daniel Parsons.
6:21 pm/Central Time

Megathon Update: 8.1.05: Final Fantasy V was beaten yesterday and the pics are up. Visit the Megathon home page to view them. It also has our death and clear time stats.

Another addition is a DexDrive save file of all the stuff we've done on the PlayStation end. This file includes our final saves of FF1, FF4, and FF5. It also has our last known progress on FF6, so check it out if you happen to be able to use a DexDrive file. For those keeping track, today began Day 14 of the 20-Day Megathon.
4:26 pm/Central Time

Breaking News: 7.30.05: Square Enix chose its party in Japan as the place to announce the release date for Final Fantasy XII: March 16th, 2006. No word on when we can expect the English translation.

Live update from the Final Fantasy Megathon: Orie and Quinton have reached the final boss of Final Fantasy V. Quinton took the first shot at him, but ran out of MP...and it was all downhill from there. Also, each game-specific page has been updated with a "Total Death Count," so you can see just how many times things went wrong.

Lastly, RPG Land's much-belated review of Riviera: The Promised Land is up.
6:06 pm/Central Time

Megathon Update: 7.30.05: Coming in a little late, we have the Final Fantasy IV page up and running. The log is a little incomplete, but we'll finish it up within the next 12 hours. All the pics are up as well, what little there are. I'll be back with more updates again this very day. See you all soon.
6:30 am/Central Time

Quest for Antonia: 7.28.05: Until now, there had never been a nationwide search for someone who looked like a video game character, but Sony is holding one right now. In this "Quest for Antonia," beautiful ladies are competing to be EverQuest II's official spokesmodel and get a bunch of other cool stuff as well. SOE recently announced the finalists. Who are they, and more importantly, how hot are they? Check out our Quest For Antonia Gallery and news feature to find out. We nominate our choice to win inside, too.
12:11 am/Central Time

Megathon Update: 7.27.05: Final Fantasy IV has been whipped into submission, though it was a rough ride. Until we get a full update up tomorrow, here are some snippets:
-We were interrupted at 3 AM by a random visit of Jordon, who shall now enter on the scene. He somehow managed to convince us to travel 30 miles out to his house. He enticed us with free pizza and pop, the evil evil man.
-Something between sleep deprivation and being on the road at 5:30 AM managed to convince me that Canada was Mysidia. Too bad for Quinton I was driving.
-I had been talking up the Final Boss to Quinton ever since we started, and it was about now that he started truly believing me.
-After five or so failed attempts, it was decided to delay the killing of the Final Boss until tomorrow. It was 3 AM and I had to work at 7 AM. Zeromus got off easy this time.
2:40 am/Central Time

Breaking News: 7.26.05: Some breaking news sent by Square Enix today: on August 16th, the company will ship "Final Fantasy XI: The Vana'diel Collection" for PC. This will be the Final Fantasy XI base game, plus the Rise of the Zilart and Chains of Promathia expansions. This bundle will sell for $29.99 US. This version will put some ease on installation, with the whole package being on one DVD.

In other news, I sort of forgot to tell you about, oh, this Makai Kingdom Review. This game comes out tomorrow, by the way. You dig?
5:27 pm/Central Time

It Continues More: 7.25.05: Apparently our fearless FF-conquering duo had some problems keeping up with their quest logs while trekking through the games. Anyway, the Final Fantasy Megathon Page now has updated journals from Final Fantasy II and III. According to Quinton, he and Orie plan on laying FF4 to rest later tonight. We'll keep you updated.
4:00 pm/Central Time

It Continues: 7.22.05: The journey through FF's 1-10 continues. Some time yesterday afternoon, our guys made it through FF2, and are now "deep into FF3." I don't know if they're playing an import or what. They never tell me these things. The journal shuould be up soon.
12:49 pm/Central Time

10 Games in 20 Days: 7.21.05: How long does it take to beat the first 10 Final Fantasy games in the main series? Orie House and Quinton Alexander are finding out. Taking shifts of one sleeping and the other playing a Final Fantasy game, the two will attempt to finish them in good speed, with a goal of less than 20 days. Originally, the idea was 10 in 10, but 24 hours per game leaves little room for any real fun, especially considering the two will be tackling FF4 in Hard type. So 20 days is the goal to beat FF's 1-10. Can they do it?

Today was the first day of play. The first Final Fantasy is officially in the books, and the two are putting a hurtin' on FF2 as I type. Check out daily updates here. The feature will be updated with journal entries and pictures all the time. The first pics are a litte...odd, but they're gonna take more ghetto screens in future chapters. Check back daily to see how our warriors are doing! (We'll still be adding our regular content, too.) Check the feature.
12:15 am/Central Time

Finally: 7.19.05: Here are those Secret of Mana wallpapers I talked about yesterday.
11:15 pm/Central Time

News! Wallpaper?: 7.18.05: We've got a Week in Review for you here, with news about Imperator, Radiata Stories, and more!
Ug, I meant to post our Secret of Mana wallpaper page, but a few things decided to be uncooperative. I'd go into detail, but this isn't a blog :)

We'll get right on finishing it up though.
3:48 am/Central Time

Grandia 3 and SMT: 7.15.05: Now that the Star Ocean Week is over and we've made oaths to never tell our families about it, We present you with a brand new and highly awesome Grandia III Trailer! It features all kinds of gameplay footage, CG movie clips, and the Japanese theme song "In the Sky!" Tell your friends and all that.

Also of note, Hank's long-delayed review of Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne is up and ready for reading.
3:36 pm/Central Time

Star Ocean Week: 7.12.05: Rounding out Star Ocean week is a dual update.
-Hank's Star Ocean: The Second Story retro review
-20 Star Ocean: Till the End of Time Wallpapers.
That sure was a trip!
12:19 am/Central Time

Forum changes: 7.11.05: I ran into a few difficulties over the weekend and also was helping with's forums so I have to tweak a few things still. I'm going to have time tonight again to work on getting the forums ready. You guys will be the first to hear, here... It's worth the wait though. I just hope all you guys migrate to the new forums and bring some friends along with you! Thanks to Eric, Q, and Orie for keeping things rolling. Great job team! I'm also working on a few classic PC/Dos RPG reviews. Daggerfall, to mention one.
11:53 am/Central Time

Radio: 7.11.05: It's still Star Ocean week. Today's update comes to RPG Land Standard Radio, as Star Ocean 3 music was added.

If you're seeing this and saying "That kinda seems like a copout from posting a meatier update," you're right. It was a busy weekend. We'll put more stuff up soon though ^_^
9:30 am/Central Time

Preview: 7.10.05: Sorry to interrupt Star Ocean week, but we have breaking stuff on our hands. After playing Nippon Ichi's Makai Kingdom, I wrote this hands-on preview. Enjoy!
3:21 am/Central Time

Another look at Till the End of Time: 7.9.05: Last time, Quinton let you know what he thought of Star Ocean 3. This time you get another view. Check it out.
9:45 pm/Central Time
-Q Jets

Star Ocean Week Continues: 7.8.05: Star Ocean week keeps on rolling with Quinton's review of Star Ocean: Till the End of Time.
7:13 pm/Central Time

Star Ocean Week: 7.7.05: It's Star Ocean week here at RPG Land. We'll have some wallpapers, reviews, and music for you by week's end. The first update is Star Ocean: Blue Sphere Wallpapers. More thorugh the rest of the week, plus other stuff! See you tomorrow!
8:22 pm/Central Time