EverQuest II’s “Quest For Antonia” Finalists

By Sony Online Entertainment

Screen Shot
In case you didn’t know, Antonia looks like this.

Sony Online Entertainment is excited to announce the five finalists in the nationwide Quest for Antonia spokesmodel search. More than 2.8 million votes helped in the search to find the women in America who most resemble EverQuest II‘s computer-generated video game heroine, Antonia Bayle.

The five women below are heading to the final round of competition during the Stuff Magazine Casino Weekend 4 at The Palms Hotel in Las Vegas August 12-13, 2005. During the weekend, one lucky finalist will be crowned Antonia, winning a one-year modeling contract with SOE as well as a pictorial in the pages of Stuff Magazine.

This is the first-ever nationwide model search with the goal of finding a woman who looks like an online video game character. Once discovered, the new Antonia will be offered a one-year modeling contract with SOE, a photo pictorial in the pages of Stuff Magazine, and other prizes. The winner will be announced at Stuff Magazine’s Casino Weekend 4 at the Palms Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas in August at the conclusion of a pageant-style competition complete with a swimsuit contest and interview portion that is expected to be judged by celebrities, Stuff’s editorial staff and SOE representatives.

Wihtout further ado, the lucky finalists are below…

Teresa Noreen of Duluth, GA

Anna Wainscoat of Davis, CA

Bridget Peters of Las Vegas, NV

Holly Weber of Newport Beach, CA

Carin Ashley of Jupiter, FL

In a staff meeting that may have only existed within Eric’s mind, the RPG Land Staff has decided–based purely on her resemblance to Antonia–that we are cheering for Bridget Peters to win this thing. Since everyone is so lovely, we felt also like supporting a runner-up, and that would be Holly Weber, while Q Jets admitted he kinda digs Anna. Keep in mind though, these photos might not tell the whole story. We hope the event goes well, and all the girls are able to give it all they’ve got in the competition. We’ll announce the winners in our news shortly after we hear about it from SOE.

Also notice how none of the girls are from the Northern half of the country. Just thought I’d point that out. South side is the way to go.

Update on 8/14: Well, our own reviewer Q Jets called it: Anna Wainscoat took home the title.

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