Interview with Nippon Ichi Software of America

RPG LandWill Tenpei Sato be composing for future Nippon Ichi games, since the Super Sweep gang worked on Makai Kingdom?
NIS AmericaMr. Sato will be working for our future titles. Makai Kingdom was really an exception because we had so many different famous composers and artist working on it. Please expect to hear Mr. Sato’s music once again.

RPG LandA member of our IRC channel requested we ask you if “Aoi Umi no Tristia” is going to be released in the US. Ideas?
NIS AmericaIt might be difficult, but we could consider it. Please, hope for the best.:)

RPG LandAny plans on expanding beyond publishing RPGs, into other genres?
NIS AmericaWe are always seeking to publish titles that are interesting, so we would certainly consider other genres too. However, for the time being we would like to focus on SRPGs.

RPG Land Have you considered making any manga based on your games?
NIS AmericaWe’re sorry, we cannot comment on this yet…

RPG LandWhere do you see sprite based games going next generation? It’s simply not a style that can be reproduced by even the best looking 3D so where do you see your unique art style going in the years to come?
NIS AmericaThere will always be a place for sprite-based games, so I would simply say higher-res for the next-gen consoles. Or perhaps going the cel shade route like some of the anime based fighting games would be a good alternative. Either way developing for the next-gen consoles is going to be a lot of fun!

RPG LandHow do you feel about the next generation of consoles, in a nutshell? If you’re allowed to say, which one(s) attract(s) you the most?
NIS AmericaThe PS3 and the Xbox 360 both look incredible. We can’t wait to try them out for ourselves.

RPG LandThanks again for participating in this. Any final words to our readers?
NIS AmericaWe would like to thank RPGland’s wonderful staffs for this awesome interview opportunity. Thank you very much!

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