Agetec is the publisher responsible for bringing Wild ARMs Alter Code: F to North America. After almost two years of localization time and a couple weeks to play through the game, we’ve got some questions. Agetec’s Hiro Fukuoka was kind enough to answer them.

RPG Land, Kickass WebsiteFirst, could you take a second to introduce yourself to our readers?
Hiro Fukuoka, Game Producer, AgetecHello, I am Hiro Fukuoka, game producer for Agetec. On behalf of Agetec, thank you for the opportunity to answer your questions about Wild Arms Alter Code: F.

RPG LandIf I may be blunt, this game had a heck of a lot of delays. Mind my asking why there were so many?
Hiro FukuokaIt is true that the game was delayed for several months, and this was due to the fact that we took extra time during the localization process. Agetec takes great pride in releasing a quality title, and we did not want Wild Arms to be poorly done.

RPG LandSo why the removal of Japanese vocals from the game’s music?
Hiro FukuokaDue to SCEA regulations, the Japanese vocals had to be removed in order for the title to be published in the US market.

RPG LandWhat was that deal with the HDD use that was previously announced? Something about being able to load the game straight from the PS2 hard drive? How about that? Why was that removed?
Hiro FukuokaThis feature was removed due to a technical problem with HDD compatibility.

RPG LandWhy did Agetec pass up Wild Arms: The Fourth Detonator?
Hiro FukuokaWe were working on localizing Wild Arms Alter code: F

RPG LandAll of you? Anyway, no more Wild ARMs games for Agetec, eh? What if, say…the series were to go handheld? You guys are publishing PoPoLoCrois and an Armored Core game on PSP, so would Agetec consider bringing over a handheld addition to the series, in the unlikely event that should happen?
Hiro FukuokaIf we have an opportunity to do so, we would love to do it.

RPG LandWhat’s that anime DVD that comes with the retail version of the game?
Hiro FukuokaThe anime DVD is a 30-minute Wild Arms anime movie of episode 1, “Sleeping Dirty,” from the Twilight Venom anime series published by ADV.

RPG LandRandom curiosity: Why the subtitle of “Alter Code F?”
Hiro Fukuoka“Alter code” means modified game and “F” has two meanings: “FIRST” (representing the first WILD ARMS); and “FAKE” (representing a different version of WILD ARMs). WILD ARMs Alter code: F is the official expression of a FAKE version of WILD ARMS, or alternatively, a “New WILD ARMs.”

RPG LandWe had a staff meeting on the subject and concluded that “Calamity Jane” is the single coolest name for a game character ever. I’m totally naming my first daughter “Calamity Jane.” Unfortunately, going in-depth about that in a review could make it dreadfully long, so could you explain her role in Alter Code: F to our readers?
Hiro Fukuoka“Calamity Jane’s” real name is Jane Maxwell. She is a treasure hunter who travels all over the world, and she loves nothing but MONEY. The term “Calamity” is used to describe the inevitable tragic disasters that occur whenever and wherever she appears. Eventually, she can be a member of the party.

RPG LandAnother inevitable disaster is the end of this interview. Thanks for answering our questions. Do you have any closing remarks about Agetec or Wild ARMs Alter Code: F?
Hiro FukuokaWe would like to thank all the fans that have been patiently waiting for Wild Arms Alter Code: F to be released in the US, and apologize that it took such a long time to come to market. We know that Wild Arms fans will be thrilled with this title, and we thank you for your continued support of Agetec.

We thank Hiro and the original gangstas at Agetec for not being afraid to represent. We also thank you for reading this interview. Hey, you should enter to win Alter Code: F if you haven’t got it already. Heck, even if you have, free games rule.


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