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Phoenix shows up, knocks crap over, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII details survive wildfire

By Heath | July 19, 2007 at 2:40 pm

New information has surfaced regarding the presence of materia (Final Fantasy VII‘s magic orbs) in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII for PSP. The news also comes with the appearances of a few recognizable characters.


AdventChildren.net reports that, just like in the original FFVII, materia are acquired in different ways, and some can be used to make other materia. Naturally, some are more common than others. In addition to mixing multiple materia, items can be tossed into the synthesis process. Poster “vilaeth” of AdventChildren notes that one of the screens in today’s scans shows Blizzard and Spin Attack materia being synthed, granting “Magic Blade: Blizzard” and adding a Magic +1 ability.

Also present in the scans are popular summon monster Phoenix and cartoonish supervillain Hojo.







The color box art above is from Square Enix’s Japanese online store, and may or may not be the final version. Images of the special edition, special PSP, and Buster Sword accessory came from Gamespot Japan. Magazine scans were found on Jeux-France and AdventChildren.net.

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