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Wildarms5.com: Now with actual startup page

By Heath | August 9, 2007 at 5:49 pm

For the past few days, Wildarms5.com has simply consisted?of?a?line?of?text?reading, “Contents coming soon.” ?Today, XSeed has updated the page, though not with any outrageous amount of content. ?There is now a page with a background image featuring Dean, Rebecca, and Avril, and two simple links: one to sign up for email updates from XSeed, another to preorder Wild ARMs 5. ??

This?is??not a startling or deep amount of?content,?but?it?is?certainly?a?step?or?two?above?a?single?line?of?text,?and?sign?of?more?updates?to?come?before?the?game’s August?28?ship?date.

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