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Final Fantasy Retrospective at Game Trailers

By Heath | August 21, 2007 at 4:07 am

We at RPG Land have our “History of…” features, which we are appropriately proud of, but if we had the time and resources, we’d make parts of them into sweet videos. Gametrailers.com, on the other hand, does indeed have the time and fancy computer stuff to do what we can only pull off in our imaginations.

A fine example of this is the site’s Final Fantasy Retrospective, in which a narrator provides information overlapping footage from the Final Fantasy series, relevant to the given installment’s featured game, or a point he’s making. In bursts, there are also great music clips; the whole thing is just loaded with nostalgia.

Starting today, RPG Land will be linking to each of the weekly installments as they are released, as well as hosting their respective WMV versions for direct download. This is a solid feature that we want people to see, so either follow this magic link, or start clicking below to download a few and check the feature out if you haven’t already.

Part I: Final Fantasy
In this opening installment, GT tells us all kinds of stuff about the original Final Fantasy — probably quite a bit you didn’t know or realize, even.
Download it here || View it at Game Trailers

Part II: Final Fantasy II and III
All the inner workings of Final Fantasy II and III. Why’d they take so many years to get here? They’ll tell you that, among other things.
Download it here || View it at Game Trailers

Part III: Final Fantasy IV and V
Many call IV the one that paved the way for more story-driven RPGs. Part V waited until a PlayStation port to come to America. GT gives two more in-depth looks.
Download it here || View it at Game Trailers

Part IV: Character sprites and Final Fantasy VI
GT starts out telling us about all the stuff that went into those simple-looking 2D character images in each of the games, then discusses FFVI at length.
Download it here || View it at Game Trailers

Part V: Final Fantasy VII
“We’ll introduce the game that needs no introduction.” -Game Trailers Narrator
Download it here || View it at Game Trailers

Part VI: Final Fantasy VIII and IX
All about the other two main-series Final Fantasy titles that appeared on PlayStation.
Download it here || View it at Game Trailers

Keep hopping onto Gametrailers.com to see if the new one is up, and/or RPG Land will let you know. This is a 13-part series, so it’s got a ways to go.

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