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Wild ARMs 5: 12 exclusive movies, 14 exclusive screens

By Heath | August 27, 2007 at 8:54 am

A dozen movies exclusive to RPG Land are in this update. Check this one out to see Dean observing a passing train on the overworld or this one to see a tense cutscene, for example. Ten more of them await below the “See the rest” cut, as well as screens showing some alternate outfits.








And now the rest of those movies:
Video 1: Dean watches a train go by in Filgaia’s overworld
Video 2: Dean, socially tactless.
Video 3: Wild West showdown.
Video 4: Dean fires like 100 rounds into a stubborn treasure chest, to no avail.
Video 5: Mine cart puzzle part 1.
Video 6: Mine cart puzzle part 2.
Video 7: Part of a boss battle.
Video 8: Boss battle part 2.
Video 9: A cumbersome invisible wall on the world map. Why can’t Dean walk over that thing?
Video 10: Cutscene showing a lot of the main characters’ voice acting (Avril, Carol, Dean, Rebecca).
Video 11: Carol takes a shot in battle, Dean learns about poison.
Video 12: A random battle on the overworld.

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