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Final Fantasy IV DS dev journal reveals: game details, screens

By Heath | September 29, 2007 at 5:09 pm

The official Final Fantasy IV development journal is up and getting some attention. Before we proceed, hey, screens:
PolyGone over at NeoGAF has translated much of the developer journal, as he notes in his original thread.

He tells us, “According to Asano, FFIV was conceived as the second step after the FFIII remake, which was centered on 3 main principles: renovated graphics consisting of 3D expression, renovated job system allowing you to play with (and adjust) all the jobs, delving deeper into the scenario, adding personality to the characters and reconstructing the world setting. Of course, these principles need to be adapted to FFIV, but that was the basic approach.”

Following a note that Final Fantasy IV was the first time the series had tried to convey “drama,” Asano also notes that he strongly feels the upped graphics will enable more powerful storytelling capability within the game.

Another developer chimed in about a new feature within the game. When the player opens the menu, a thought bubble appears expressing the party leader’s feelings at that time in the game. Screens of this system are here:
Through this addition, the developers are expecting players to have greater empathy for the characters, and are encouraging future players to look at the menu with different characters many times throughout the game.

The journal goes on to confirm that the game will contain voice acting. PolyGone tells us that the decision unfolded thusly: ” Of course inside the company, even in the development team there was the argument of whether or not this would break the traditional image of FFIV. But, what with the GBA edition that can be played on DS in addition to the fact it has been ported many times (even for an FF game), we decided to turn a new page.

“…The performance (of a given voice actor in this game) must be passionate, the actor should be a big fan of FF4 with a good grasp of the character. With that said, there shouldn’t be any worries.”

The journal goes on to list the vocal cast of the Japanese vresion of the game.

Rosa: Yuko Kaida (Dixie Clemets, Rumble Roses).
She gave us the impression of honesty and strength of core.

Kain: Koichi Yamadera (Kaji, Neon Genesis Evangelion).
At one point, he’s sort of like an older brother on which your existence depends. When he becomes your enemy, we want also to see his forceful nature. In addition, he’s one of the most popular characters so the casting relied heavily on your impressions.

Gilbert: Ryo Horikawa (Kou Uraki, Gundam 0083).
Should be delicate. Even though he’s a uselessSpoony Bard, the fact that he perserveres leaves a lovely impression.

Rydia: Noriko Shitaya (Moegi, Naruto).
Performance of the girl was good. You thought that there was some strength to her performance that would work well for when she grows into an adult.

Palom & Porom: Rie Kugimiya (Kagura, Gintama).
We expected her to play the part of just one character, but actually they’re twins so two parts are possible.

Golbez: Takeshi Kaga (host of Iron Chef).
This was one character where we were especially careful (with the even the new logo featuring his image!). First and foremost his ability to show his evil nature as an enemy, but also an actor who can reveal Golbez’s human nature.

Cecil: Shizuma Hidoshima (who?).
Yang: Tesshou Genda (typically replaces Arnold Schwarzenegger & Sly Stallone in Japanese dubs of Western movies).
Edge: Hiroya Ishimaru (Rodimus Convoy, Transformers).
Cid: Ichiro Nagai (Mito, Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind).
Fusoya: Banjou Ginga (Captain Blue, Viewtiful Joe).
Tellah: Gorou Naya (Zenigata, Lupin films).


Sources: NeoGAF, Impress

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