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Guys with microphones say things, present stuff

By Heath | October 7, 2007 at 11:19 pm

It was an epic day…somewhere in Japan. People with nebulous titles and positions in the gaming industry, or something, gathered with micropohones and a projector to talk about something. Or nothing. But it was epic.


Things really picked up when a picture of a man casually walking down the street was brought up on the projector:


“That’s a picture of a real guy, walking down the street,” said some pastey white guy over the internet upon pretending to read the news. “Japan is just…just so far ahead of the world with all that technology. They invented the internet, the microchip, animation, airplanes, and sex. I’ll bet the man in the picture doesn’t even know what’s going on. Oh wait, actually, it looks like he’s Japanese. So yeah I guess he probably does, but no way would us foreigners fully understand the concept. I mean, he’s on a projector. What is that? I wonder when we’ll have them in America.”

“Man, everything that comes from Japan is inherently cool and innately better than everything else ever,” chimed in his friend of similar fascination.



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