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Master P to make dopest RPG ever…bitch

By Heath | October 14, 2007 at 4:31 pm

Master P, known in the rap/hip hop world for “(making) ’em say uuuuuhhhhh,” and Seth Green of Cartoon Network’s Robot Chicken fame are teaming up to make Play the Industry, a hip-hop RPG. Holy freaking crap.

Players start out low on the food chain as a hip hop artist, power broker, professional athelete, or a few other jobs, all with a goal of working up to the top. Little else is known about the game at this point, though we know development is being handled *ahem* jointly by Stoopid Monkey, ShadowMachine Films, and P Miller Enterprizes.

“I have been praying to Lord Jeebus for this to happen for years now,” said RPG Land reader Bill Butler. “I know my boy P will not let me down.”

Master P is best known for his amazing lyrical prowess. In his music, he has said some of the more thought-provoking things of our time, such as, “I’m a thug. I keep my hand on the trigga, but ladies love me cause I’m a million dollar n####,” and, “See I like to smoke weed and I love to make money, but I can’t live without you beautiful ghetto honies.”

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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