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White Gold: War in Paradise, a brief look on biggotry in the Carribean

By Michael | April 1, 2008 at 10:30 am

White Gold: War in Paradise, A modern FPS/RPG, is a free-play game, unique mixture of shooter and RPG. The game is set in the Caribbeans. Developed by Deep Shadows, a plucky little Czech developer. Visitors to their website will be rewarding with an array of PR work that looks filtered through Google Translate. Here is one select:

“Deep Shadows want to publish some information about main character of White Gold: War in Paradise.
He looks like a man at the image. His name is under cover, so couldn’t be proclaimed yet.”

Here is my story through the land of WHITE GOLD!!!!!


It was a nice sunny day, I had just finished getting the illicit sex change operation in the underground plastic surgery ring of the Caribbean Isles when my friend Bob approached


“Hey Bob what’s the happy haps?” I ask in our usually greeting. “Michelle, you’ve got to get out of here quick!” Bob yells at me and I’m all like “Whatever”


When all of a sudden a militant, gay, lothario approached. “You’re the new he-she aren’t you, you are an abomination, how dare you change what god has fearfully and wonderfully made!” With that removed the safety from his rifle. “Great now I have a transsexual killing fanatic about to kill me,” I thought. Just then my military training from the video game America’s Army kicked in!


From out of nowhere I was able to locate many varieties of weapons from my cash I keep stuffed in my bikini bra. I locked and loaded and blew the fanatic to kingdom-come. Put he wasn’t the last one, there was a group of transsexual killing fanatics on this Island and I knew only I could stop them!


So getting on my trusty SHARK Bucky I traversed the isles cleaning up one hell hole after another. Unfortunately as you can see the surgery didn’t take and my body rejected being a female. This happens sometimes, similar to heart transplants.

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