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Lineage II is Hellbound

By Michael | April 4, 2008 at 7:02 pm

Lineage II’s largest free expansion, The Kamael, was released this past December, yet NCsoft still has more in store for its large, largely Korean audience. Scheduled to release this April is Lineage II: The 4th Anniversary Edition, which includes the full version of Lineage II, all currently released expansions, and the new expansion Hellbound.

New feature include new high-level content in the Hellbound area, new skill enchants, top tier items, transformations, and sub-class benefits.

Also included will be a level cap increase. The new level cap will be 85.

An enhanced pet system will also be addded, allowing players to train, nurture, and level their own rideable wolf, as well as evolving their current cougar, kookaburra, and buffalo pets.

lineage2-hellbound01.gif lineage2-hellbound02.gif lineage2-hellbound03.gif lineage2-hellbound04.gif

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