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Etrian Odyssey II character profiles, round 1

By Heath | May 8, 2008 at 9:39 pm

From the mouth of Atlus, here’s the deal with three of the classes in Etrian Odyssey II, namely, the gunner, the alchemist, and the Landsknecht.
Starting with the gunner:
These marksmen employ a wide variety of bullets and firing techniques that make them one of the most versatile single-target damage-dealers. Their specially treated ammunition can bind any part of an enemy, inflict any type of elemental damage, or even stun an enemy to allow the rest of the party a chance to move in. Naturally, their trusty firearms allow them to do all this from the back line.

Force Skill: Riot Gun
The gunner focuses all of its will into a single, powerful bullet guaranteed to stun an enemy.

The alchemist:
There isn?t a type of damage that these magic-users can?t dish out: in addition to their mastery over Fire, Ice, and Voltage, they have adopted spells that inflict Slashing, Striking, and Piercing damage to the entire enemy party. Their Return skill is also a lifesaver for parties who have forgotten to bring along a Warp Wire.

Force Skill: Eschaton
This forbidden magic unleashes a wave of pure, untyped energy to obliterate the entire group of enemies

And third, the landsknecht:

Though landsknechts still tend to specialize in either swords or axes?swords for multiple hits, axes for single, powerful blows?they?ve learned to use either weapon in their elemental strikes. They can still abandon all defenses to improve their offense, but now if the enemy should take advantage of this to weaken them, they have new abilities to become even stronger when critically injured.

Force Skill: All Out
A powerful berserker charge that slashes every enemy.

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