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Avalon Code: new action RPG for DS

By Heath | May 11, 2008 at 9:08 pm

Marvelous Interactive and Matrix (a studio that worked on the Final Fantasy IV DS remake) recently unveiled a new action RPG for Nintendo DS, entitled Avalon Code.

The player will start by choosing a main character from among the male or female avatar. His/her objective, as directed by foretelling dreams the character has at the story’s beginning, will be to fill an empty prophecy book by inserting acquired knowledge of the world. The charcter obtains this book by no special incident, simply finding it alongside his/her bed when waking up one morning. Aforementioned world, in a stroke of originality, is on the brink of destruction. Ruh-roh, Raggy.

As owner of the powerful prophecy book, the player has the power to edit its contents, which in turn alters the world. In battle, the DS’s top screen shows the fight while the bottom has the prophecy book displayed, ready for the editing touch of the player. Though, Avalon Code is an action RPG, and therefore, it can be assumed that the player won’t have all day to sit and think about how to use the book. Uses revealed so far include creating weak spots on seemingly invincible enemies as well as healing characters.

There also might be somewhat of a dating simulation element, as the gender of the protagonist is a big factor in the pool of possible party members.

Avalon Code will be released in Japan this fall. There is not yet word on other localizations.

Sources: Famitsu, RPGFan, IGN

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