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PS3 strategy RPG Tears to Tiara – trailer, images, info

By Heath | May 31, 2008 at 11:42 pm

Tears to Tiara: Kakan no Daichi (translated as “Corolla of the Land”) is a PS3-bound strategy RPG by Aquaplus, due out July 17 in Japan. Download a trailer right here.



tearstotiara9.jpg tearstotiara10.jpgtearstotiara11.jpg

Leaf released the original Tears to Tiara exclusively in Japan for PC in 2005, and it was received in a so-so fashion. A special edition priced at 9240 yen will be released alongside the regular, 7140-yen version. Given the almost-hentai nature of the franchise and the history of Aquaplus’s previous releases, chances for a North American release seem slim at this time.

Sources: Famitsu, Gamespot

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