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Wizard of Oz RPG follows the DS-brick road, Hindman lost on how to make legitimately humorous headline

By Heath | June 11, 2008 at 8:51 pm

From Media.Vision (Wild ARMs) and due out in 2008, it’s called Riz Zoawd. Oh my goawd?



I was like, messing with stuff about the Yellow Brick Road, Ruby Slippers, “And your little dog, too,” the man behind the curtain, twisters, and all kinds of stuff. My creativity is gone, dear readers. Perhaps this is the end. Where do I cash these chips in? I think a Wizard of Oz RPG is a good time to hang up the ol’ skates, anyway, don’t you?

Sources: Famitsu, Jeux-France

(Kidding about the retirement.)

(…But damn if it didn’t cross my mind.)

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