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Wind of Nostalgia introduced, 9 scans

By Heath | July 3, 2008 at 11:35 pm

Nosutarujio no Kaze, which can be translated as “Nostalgic Wind” or “Wind of Nostalgia” has just been revealed in the new issue of Famitsu. With a premise of flying around in airships and engaging in airship battles, comparisons to Skies of Arcadia will be coming from all over the place. It appears, however, that these characters aren’t so much into pirating or fighting an evil empire so much as they are into exploration in general, and there are some Indiana Jones type overtones coming from some of these screenshots.


nostalgicwind09.jpg nostalgicwind03.jpgnostalgicwind05.jpg


The game is being made by Red Entertainment and Matrix (a big force behind the DS remakes of Final Fantasy III and Final Fantasy IV), then published in Japan by Tecmo (who made an excellent football game from my childhood). Noteworthy staff members include Keisuke Kikuchi (the Fatal Frame guy) as producer and Naoki Morita (Sakura Wars) as director.

The game stars two English boys named Eddy and Pado,? and two girls named Melodie and Fiona who, as mentioned, are out and about exploring the world via airships. Like Skies of Arcadia (…oh crap, self-fulfilling prophesy…), there will be separate battle systems for ship-to-ship and non-ship “traditional” combat.

Wind of Nostalgia is due out in 2008 in Japan.

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