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Atelier Annie images, website, video teaser, info

By Heath | September 7, 2008 at 11:48 pm

The game’s official website (well, splash page with a flash video, which we shall hereafter refer to as “splash-n-flash”) is up, right here. Information after the screens and art:



The game’s full title is Annie no Atelier: Sera-tou no Renkinjutsushi , which can be put into English as Atelier Annie: The Alchemist of Sera Island. The game will look and feel very similar to previous Atelier installments, and of course, mixing items together to make new crap will be central to the gameplay. Two other supporting cast members include Hans, an all-around ignorant-of-the-world-around him virgin that the target audience will be able to relate to; and Pepe, a kind of ghost guiding Annie in her alchemy studies.

Sources: Famitsu, RPGFan

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