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Wow, You Are All Pretty Shallow and Easily Humored, Part 1

By Heath | September 17, 2008 at 10:44 am

I love when companies announce announcements. “We have an announcement!” they say. Quiet hushes fall over the internet. “Our announcement,” they lead, “is that soon, we will make an announcement!” And forumers netwide can’t help but lap it up. Right now, people can’t shut up about Sega announcing, quite simply, that it (or one of its subsidiaries) is working on an RPG…which it will actually announce later. Really? This is what’s got you abuzz, tubes? Really? Is anyone surprised? Considering the length of the process, I’d be more surprised if Sega was not currently working on any RPGs we didn’t already know about.

It’s funny and sad. There’s so much speculation of what it could be, and the use of the silhouetted dragon as if it’s some kind of real clue, neverminding that dragons are about as common an RPG mainstay as swords.

What’s even better is how some — and I’ll give credit here, that’s “some,” not “all” — are already sure it’ll be a great game. There are already tools out there who want to pre-order this, despite us knowing nearly nothing about it. For example, this clown Voyou San is all like “(W)hatever it is, it should be solid.” Based on what, exactly? He just openly admits that he doesn’t know #### about the game, and yet, has the confidence to declare, “…It should be solid.” Wow.

So to any young, budding game developers or publishers that want to find a way to make sure your game rides the hype train all the way into retail success: the secret to grabbing the internet-reading gamers’ collective attention and keeping the kids hyped up for a game is apparently this easy. Just dangle a dragon’s shadow in front of them for a while and make sure they know your big announcement is coming at least a week in advance.

By the way, I can’t tell you too much, but RPG Land is going to post a feature article here one of these days. Get ready!

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