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PS3 action RPG Demon’s Souls revealed, scans

By Heath | October 6, 2008 at 4:06 am

Due out next year in Japan, this PlayStation 3 action RPG will be playable at the Tokyo Game Show later this month. It’s being made by Sony and From Software, known for the well-received, non-RPG Armored Core series and the near-universally despised RPG series Lost Kingdoms.


In the Famitsu article, Sony Japan’s Takeshi Kajii notes that his goal here is to take the King’s Field formula and run with it. He expresses that there’s stuff within the King’s Field series that needs changed, but can’t be changed due to the nature of it being a beloved series.

The producers want the title to simultaneously pay homage to certain older RPGs, while staying open-ended and non-linear, similar to the Elder Scrolls franchise. In so many words, Kajii said that the player can pretty much blow off trivial things things like “quests” and “saving the world.”

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