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Champions Online discount subscriptions run out, outrage ensues

By Heath | August 26, 2009 at 5:30 pm

Recently, Cryptic Studios announced extended subscription packages for Champions Online. Coming in six-month and lifetime forms, these would save money for those who intended to play the game for a long time. Expected to be on sale until Sept. 1, Aug. 25 rolled around and these subscriptions had sold out. This left some serious bitterness in the mouths of prospcti e customers, such as angry forum member corpralhicks82, who says, “You dropped a lot in my estimations today, Cryptic.”

Cryptic Studios responded, noting that within the announcement it did say quantities of these special deals would be limited, but the company admitted not making this clear enough. The response from gamers was apparently far greater than anticipated.

RPG Land has been attempting to follow this story as it continues to develop, but the Champions Online website has been down for most of the last day and a half.

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