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Famitsu: Final Fantasy XIV interview reveals info, hawt pics

By Heath | October 8, 2009 at 8:56 am




Mini interview in the newest Famitsu:
Q. Where does the adventure start from in Eorzea?
A. Adventurers can start from any of the major citiy-states in Eorzea. [Ul’dah, Limsa Lominsa and Gridania, to name three]

Q. The adventurers were using a bar as their meeting place. Are there other locations like this in the game?

A. Every city will have a place like that, because those meeting places play an important role in the game.

Q. [referring to the battle scene on a ship in the TGS 2009 trailer] In that battle…surely that’s not a normal number of foes! Will we see many scenes like that in the game?
A. If it was always that number of monsters, you wouldn’t last very long. (laughs) But battles with that many foes is one concept we have for Final Fantasy XIV, so stay tuned.

Q. Was that music at the end of the trailer battle music?
A. Yes, it’s one of many battle themes. There will be lots of others for you to enjoy.

#2 – about the new Lancer class

Q. Lancers can attack from the “outrange” [presumeably a range outside of typical melee range]. Is the range of attack different depending on the equipped weapon?
A. Yes, the ranges of weapons will all be different.

Q. Lancers can use two kinds of spears in battle, long spears and throwing spears, and switch between them. Will it be possible to attack with both weapons jointly?
A. That’s what we’ve been thinking about. However, the way Final Fantasy XI handled distance weapons (having a distance and main weapon, wielded separately) would be fine.

#3 – about crafting

Q. What about food for characters?
A. Food will have various effects on the status of the characters, and there’ll be a wide selection of foods to eat.

Q. What does an adventurer need to start crafting?
A. First of all, what’s necessary is a tool. A good one. Certain equipment is also important. Then, it’s important to have good materials and crystals. Finally, for really unique items, there might be other prerequisites, like meeting various conditions, or natural phenomena occurring.

Q. How can adventurers buy and sell items?
A. There will be a Market available, but we don’t have details about that at this time.

Q. How may weapons break?
A. Equipment will weaken with use. Normal equipment will degrade over time, but it can be repaired.

Q. Do you need a tool to repair things?
A. Yes, that’s right.

Q. In crafting, will there be different tools for different races?
A. Possibly. If so, the difference between races’s abilities won’t be too great.

Q. How awesome is your new game?
A. So awesome.

Source: Translated and photographed directly from the Weekly Famitsu

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