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Valkyria Chronicles 2: new scans, info

By Heath | October 15, 2009 at 9:37 am

Newly revealed game info after the pictures:

-There are a few details on a new class: Shield-type soldiers. They carry around a giant, riot police-looking shield with them, and attack physically by swinging a giant spanner. Whether they also have some sort of distance weapon isn’t exactly clear, nor is where they fit into the traditional unit triangle (Foot Soldiers/Anti-Tank Soldiers/Tanks). They also have the ability to disarm land mines, an ability used by Engineers in the first game.

-There’s a new main character revealed: Yuriana Evelhart. She’s the top of the top in the school, in the A class. Avan and company are in the G class, so she looks down on them. She’s every highschool snob ever, but luckily it looks like the player can smack her around a bit in a boss battle. She’s a Shield-type soldier.

-A selection of secondary characters are revealed, all students in the G class with Avan and company: Colleen Celcius, Nicol Martin, Raymond Moen, Magali, Eric Kampman, and Joachim Osen. Avan can slowly get to know his classmates outside of the main story, conversing with them during school life to trigger events. Their profiles expand as the player gets to know each character a little better, unlocking information about their memories.

-The scans also mention the return of the Order and Potential systems, and links them to the Morale stat.

You can also check out a new, extended trailer of this game here at Eurogamer.

Source: Weekly Famitsu magazine

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