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.hack//Link gets bundled, girl in towel comments

By Heath | November 26, 2009 at 11:13 pm

rpglandtendstogetfastscans.jpgrpglandtendstogetfastscans.jpgBandai Namco will release the game as a standalone as well as in a special package. The bundle comes with .hack//Link, a .hack “historical disc,” and a high-definition “.hack//re-birth” blu-ray disc that says “History of AURA” on it, all in a special box.

Kukkai over at dothackers also helped out to dig up the revelation of two formerly lost episodes of .hack to be included in Link. Kukkai says, “The first story is .hack//ZERO. Locked in eternal hiatus following the Japan-only release of its first novel, .hack//ZERO bridges the gap between .hack//SIGN and the original .hack games. Although some hints were made in .hack and in the Terminal Disc, the series never saw a proper conclusion until now.

“The second is .hack//ChupChopCase. Although never actually released as a product, .hack//ChupChopCase was a planned story that bridged the gap between .hack and .hack//G.U. Covering the time period recollected by the Terminal Disc, the “case” referred to is the loss of Mia, and this story follows the resulting effect on Elk and Piros. Natsume and Marlo will also be making appearances, and the audience will get to see Piros finally embrace his destiny and become Piros the 3rd!”

The price has not yet been specified.

These pictures come via the Weekly Famitsu.

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