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Final Fantasy XIII – 11 new Famitsu pages, short Q&A about Vanille’s Magitek Armor summon “Hecatonchires”

By Heath | December 3, 2009 at 9:37 pm

In these scans, Motomu Toriyama spoke briefly about Vanille’s new summon “Hecatonchires,” and its Driving Mode, which looks suspiciously like a famous piece of Final Fantasy history. The translated Q&A comes below:




(brief Hecatonchires Q&A)

Q. What is the design and concept for Hecatonchires?

A: The summon’s concept is a “Shooting Blaster.” Because it can shoot and strike
from long distances in Driving Mode, the enemies’ position influences the
effectiveness of attacks, and it can shoot many times at once.

Q. The fact that it turns into something like Magitek Armor [from Final Fantasy
] is a surprise.

A. As a matter of fact, we weren’t trying to make it look like Magitek Armor
in the beginning. We wanted a bipedal vehicle included, a design we called
a “Power Suit Tank,” but in the end, the result really does look like Magitek
Armor. (laughs)

Source: Weekly Famitsu Magazine

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