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Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Famitsu review translation

By Heath | January 7, 2010 at 11:23 pm

Famitsu reviews are among the most amusing and useless in the industry. Just the same, here are the new scans and translation of the magazine’s review.


Fujinocchi said each character feels totally different and does different things, so he had no beef playing through three times. He loved the minigames, so he gave it 10/10.

Uwaaman gave it a 9/10 and showered praise on the character development system, story, and combat.

Hatahata hit it with a 9/10 as well, saying that the story impressed her more than anything. Seeing it through three characters’ perspectives was an upside. She’s sure it will be a highly loved game for fans of the Kingdom Hearts world.

And my main man the Giggolo Ashida was all about the combat, particlarly the boss battles. He liked the three characters handling differently during the fights. 9/10.

The game comes out tomorrow, Saturday, Jan. 9 in Japan.

Source: Weekly Famitsu magazine

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