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Glory of Heracles developer interview at the ‘Gamer

By Heath | January 14, 2010 at 11:47 am

I was out for coffee with my boy Mac and I was like “It was a fun interview to read. I’m gonna post a thing about it with a link on my inferior website.” “You will not,” was his reply. I was all, “I will so. I’m gonna step up here, be the bigger man.”

So anyway, RPGamer interviewed Kazushige Nojima, a key mind behind the upcoming DS RPG Glory of Heracles. My favroite part was when the it was all like:
The ‘Gamer: “How hard is it to inject humor into an RPG like this?”
Nojima: “All it takes is to give the character a humoristic quality, and the character naturally starts behaving in a way to amuse us. I’ve never thought it that hard. The tough part is to correctly assess whether a particular scene is ok to laugh at. If humor is inappropriate, then I must order the clown character to shut up!”

Speaking of clown characters, the rest of the interview is right here.

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