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Keep Your Eye on the Blog: March 4 (Lunar, Infinite Space, Valkyria 2)

By Janelle | March 4, 2010 at 11:32 am

Since so many companies have official blogs now, and since many of them have interesting, RPG-related content on said blogs, I figured I’d start writing some quick rundowns of what to find on them each week. Rather than headline news, there are a lot of fun extras on company blogs, such as production notes, fan Q&As, and short features highlighting upcoming games. Hopefully this will be a weekly thing, but now that I’ve started this up, all the companies will probably take next week off blogging and go bowling or something.

Since Lunar: Silver Star Harmony was released earlier this week, I’d like to draw your attention to a blog entry from the XSeed Games blog last January. Entitled “Please Don’t Kill Me,” it discusses a lot of fascinating small localization details, has a nice screenshot comparison between the PSX and PSP versions, and answers a few fan questions from the XSeed forums. There are also a few small hints at the end about things to spot in the new version.

Sega of America has launched a personal blog for Yuri, the main character of its upcoming DS RPG Infinite Space, called simply “Yuri’s Voyage Diary.” Currently there are three entries that muse about void gates, civilian ships, and jogging…in space.

Last week, Sega’s Official Blog also posted the second entry in its Valkyria Chronicles DLC Spotlight, which discusses Marina’s Sniper Challenge, part of the six-mission DLC pack released last week for the PlayStation 3’s Valkyria Chronicles.

Finally, there isn’t anything game-related on NIS America’s Employee Blogs (you need a free account at nisamerica.com to view the employee blogs) this week, but there was a Happy Birthday blog for six members of NISA, featuring a Prinny-bedecked birthday cake. So Happy Birthday to Haru, Johanna, Nick, Jack, Shuji and…Christine? Christina? A candle flame is blocking the final letter. Alas. Happy Birthday nonetheless!

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