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Japanese RPG releases: J-Shop Watch March

By Heath | March 8, 2010 at 5:59 am

Some RPGs have already snuck onto Japanese shelves this month, perhaps the biggest name among them being .hack//Link, the final game in the long-running multimedia saga. I was rolling around town trying to pick up the big ol’ megapack today, but it’s nowhere to be found. I’ll eventually suck it up and buy the regular version; at least that comes with the “Historic DVD.”

The famous Frog Pirate launched his newes game on DS as Keroro RPG also shipped on March 4. Pokémon Ranger: Path of Light was shipped on March 6.

On March 11, The PlayStation 2 will receive what appears to be its last RPG, Summon Night Granthese by Flightplan. The game will retail for 7,329 yen, or around 80 US dollars.

Nippon Ichi’s PSP dungeon RPG Zettai Hero: Kaizou Keikaku (that means plan) will come out on Thursday the 11th.  (In the images below, the one on the left is obviously not a real screen from the game.  Don’t be confused.)

On March 18, Ys fans looking to bolster their PSP collection (or the reverse: PSP owners looking to get into a good action RPG series) can look forward to the Ys I, II, and Seven Set. Ys Seven alone can cost up to 6,000 yen (about $65 US), so this three-in-one pack makes sense for newcomers with its 7,980 yen price tag.

On the topic of re-releases, Square Enix recently saw a handful of DS titles go budget price as part of the DS’s Ultimate Hits line, namely Dragon Quest IV, V, and IX, and Final Fantasy IV. Sting meanwhile will be launching a “PSP The Best” version of Yggdra Union for 2,940 yen on March 25.

That’s all for this month.

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