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MMORPGLand 2: Office References

By Heath | March 14, 2010 at 9:54 am

This edition of the MMORPG roundup includes a Final Fantasy XIV information conflict found between Square Enix’s website and the pages of Famitsu, news on Battlestar Galactica, The Old Republic, Free Realms, a Japanese Wizardry MMO, and more.

This Game is Creatively Called “Wizardry Online Mobile”
We’ll start this week off in Japan, where closed beta testing of an MMORPG based on the long-running Wizardry series just went live. Western gamers shouldn’t get too hopeful for seeing a local version of this, as it’s only for cellphones. The test goes until March 24. Below are screens:

Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica
German developer Bigpoint will be teaming with NBC to launch a browser-based MMORPG based on the hit series Battlestar Galactica. Details aren’t much, other than that and a lot of PR fluff and “we’re excited to be working with so-and-so” comments. The game’s eventual debut will happen on Syfy.com.

No Fat Chicks
IncGamers’s Jeff Hollis has written a pretty interesting column, “My Life As An Undesirable Girl,” in which he details his experiences handling distinctly unsexy female characters. You’ve probaby had a handful of conversations yourself on the topic of female characters getting all the community help, but Jeff takes it from a different angle: the lack of attention a less attractive one may get. This first one is part of an ongoing series that seems pretty interesting so far.

The Old Republic to be EA’s Biggest Project Ever
Per report by Eurogamer, chief banker of Electronic Arts Eric Brown said that its upcoming Star Wars-themed MMORPG will be the “largest ever development project, period, in the history of the company.” Figures tossed around say that Blizzard’s World of Warcraft cost over three times as much to develop as the average EA game — $100 million compared to $30 million. EA is aiming high with this one, and could easily hit that same figure with Star Wars: The Old Republic. It hopes to release the game about one year from now, though that estimate stands a decent chance of changing between now and 2011.

Information Conflict Between Famitsu and Square Enix
Janelle just wrote a big thing on Final Fantasy XIV right here. It includes new information and Famitsu scans, and within the writeup, she spots a slight info conflict in which Famitsu says a skill does one thing, but Square’s newly updated website says another. Oho, hard-hitting game journalism, baby! Check Janelle’s detailed report for that and much more. Here’s 6-pack of screens:

Free Realms GetsHuge, Pets
Sony Online Entertainment sent notice that Free Realms has grown to more than nine million players. SOE president John Smedly said the success comes mostly because, “we’ve been able to reflect the needs and wants of our players by keenly listening to their suggestions and feedback.” The company is now adding new pets.

“Patch notes,” quick stories and links:
Aion patch 1.9 was launched last week, featuring a big list of changes.
-Free-to-play MMO Runes of Magic recently celebrated its first anniversary. Congratulations!
Conquer Online, meanwhile, is hitting its seventh anniversary, and is celebrating in the form of an expansion.

Much as I’d love to do a featured game and some screens and then close with something awesome, I’m appropriately tired from the recent goings-on. Uuugh.

Seeya next time.

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