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Winner! RPG Land’s “So you think you can emo fan fic?” contest! (April Fools)

By Michael | April 1, 2010 at 12:05 am

So we would like to display the winner of RPG Land’s recent fan fiction contest “So you think you can Emo”. After an exhausted and very depressing couple of weeks pouring over the thousands of black mascara dripping, pin knife wielding, cry me a river, skinny jeans wearing entries we narrowed it down to this winner. Taking us all the way back to Final Fantasy 6 with her alternate telling of a key scene the game, I bring you: “Why You” by Emobrat47.

Why you?

Celes sat with her feet hanging over the edge. “Why did this happen to me?” Celes said. She looked up towards the heavens “If there’s even a single god up there please tell me. Why me!” She held her head within her hands; it felt heavy with the burden of her grief and fear. A tear trickled down her cheek to the cold rock of the mountain beneath her. As she laid there the full impact of all that had gone on before this moment began to pummel her. One after another these painful memories kept emerging from the recesses of her memory. Eventually her thoughts turned back to him, the one she loved. How he had saved her in her most dire hour. She knew in her mind she would never gaze upon his gallant figure again.

“Locke, Why did you have to die instead of me? Did you even know I loved you!!” but now how could she ever know?

Her mind began to fly back to when she had last seen her beloved on the airship right before the world was forever changed beneath them. How much she cared for him then. As they held each other’s hands as the airship was ripped apart beneath them. Listening as the boards broke and began to fall away all around them. Just before she was ripped from his arms she whispered to him “I love you.” But that was so long ago and she knew he could not have heard him over the deafening sound of the ship being torn asunder. With everything that happened since then she had no way to know if he was even still alive. Her heart told her he was strong, that something as small as the end of the world wouldn’t kill him but her mind, ever in conflict with her emotions told her otherwise.

Heck, She Thought, I have no way of telling if anyone is still alive.

I’m the last person on earth, she thought, the tears she tried to hold back for so long where rolling freely now.

“Grandpa I miss you so much,” A low painful groaned was released from the deep recesses of her throat. Again her mind went back to the time when she had first awakened in this strange and frightening new world.

“Celes, you’re awake!”

Those where the first words she heard when she came to after her fall from the airship. Her eyes, blurry and unfocused from days without use, did not aid her much as she tried to force herself to get up. It only accomplished making her dizzy.

“Be careful Celes.” Cid said and helped her lay back down.

“Cid where am I?” Asked Celes

“Well it’s hard to explain” Cid started, “After you left to keep Kefka away from those infernal statues I fled the Empire and tried to return to my home town”.

Celes, her mind still not fully awake from her long slumber was confused “but then where are we now?”

“I was getting to that Celes.” Cid gently explained, “You see after I arrived Kefka had rearranged the statues on the floating island and as a result of that the world itself rearranged there were earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions. It was terrible. This island we are on now was once a peninsula.”

“But how did I get here?” demanded Celes.

“I really don’t know dear.” Cid tried to explain, “I was walking to the beach one day so I could have some fish for the evening meal when, there you where laying there covered in sand. I brought you home and looked after you as best I could but you’ve been in a coma ever since. At least until today that is.” Cid smiled lovingly.

“How long was I asleep?” Celes asked with a hint of terror in her voice.

“For nearly one year”, Cid finally revealed dropping his head in the process.

“One year!” Celes screamed quickly becoming frantic “I’ve been asleep for one year?”


But you mean…I have…that means… Celes looked at Cid, “You’ve taken care of me this entire time.” Cid nodded solemnly. “Isn’t there anyone else on this island?” Celes asked.

“There was in the beginning,” Cid started, “But one after another they each either died from loneliness or sometimes the people here would go for what has come to be called the ‘Flight of Freedom’ to try ease their pain.”

“You mean you and I are the last people on this island?” Celes was stunned. “Well yes and as far as I know the last people alive on earth.” Cid said with sadness in his voice.

The first few days after Celes had awakened were filled with monotonous routine. Every morning she would go down to the beach and catch fish for their daily meals. Sometimes it would take her all day to find enough for her and grandpa to eat, that is what Celes started calling Cid, grandpa, since he was the one who really raised her since childhood. That day seemed like any other day, as she entered their cabin to start cooking her daily catch. However, it seemed fate had a cruel joke to play on her. “Hey grandpa look at the size of the one I caught today,” Celes said cheerfully as she came into the cottage. “Grandpa?” he appeared to be asleep on the bed. She went over to wake him “Grandpa get up its time to eat,” Celes increasingly becoming more worried started violently shaking Cid. Try as she might she could not get him to awaken.

“No! No! No! Grandpa, get up!” Celes screamed at the old man. “Grandpa don’t leave me!” this time with more determination than before in her voice “Cid wake up!” Celes started to violently beat the old man, “Wake up you stupid old man you have NO right to leave me alone here!” It was no use; she knew that but for some unknown reason she could not stopped the anger swelling up within her. Out of control she continue battering the old, dead man until he was nearly unrecognizable. Slowly coming to the realization of what she was and had been doing Celes ran from that small shack and to the mountain she knew all to well. Stopping at the cliff where she used to look for signs of civilization off of their little island she sat and through her feet over the edge and began to ponder what had lead up to this point.

“Why should I have the right to live when those around me do not?” She once again spoke thinking about her present situation once more. “Should I keep holding onto the insane belief the he is still out there looking for me?”

Besides He has never forgotten his first love….

Does that alone make my life not worth living?

WHY? Why must I stay here and suffer when all my loved ones have finally ridden

themselves of the pain of this world?

Should I even keep trying to live day by day in my own personal hell?

“No!” She yelled at an invisible audience, “I will not allow myself to wither away, alone, here on this accursed island. I refuse to let that happen.” She quietly finished.

Preparing herself to the task that she had determined for herself she slowly backed up to the wall of the mountain. She took in one last gulp of the life-sustaining air around her and ran towards the edge. As Celes leapt into the air she felt free, for the briefest second all the burdens of the world were lifted from her shoulders, she was flying without a care in the world. But that was only a fleeting second and quickly her encumbrance fell back upon her hurling her towards the sandy beach below. She felt no pain as she ended her life. It was just as she had imagined, a great release of all her grief as she flew through the air.

“Strange,” she thought, life quickly seeping from her body, “I had hoped my first sight into my new world would be that of my lover, and there he is coming up the beach to welcome me into my future life.”

If only she knew then. For he was not coming up happily to greet her into the peace and tranquility that she so desperately wanted. Her heart was right!

Her lover had seen Celes’ fall from above.


She barely heard his cry above the loudness of hear own death. He bounded up to her held her lifeless form in his arms. “No your not supposed to die like this,” she focused the last ounces of her strength and concentrated on saying the one thing she so longed for him to hear.

“Locke…I…Love…You…” she thought she managed to get that out before she collapsed into Locke’s arms but, alas, she was to far gone and no sound resonated from her throat. Tears streamed down Locke’s face freely. He couldn’t believe this was happening now.

“Why you instead of me!” Locke yelled feverishly “Why you?”


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