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Dragon Quest X overthrown by Monster Hunter 3rd as Japan’s most-wanted game (American Gamer in Japan 3)

By Heath | April 17, 2010 at 4:57 am

Since the announcement of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd for PSP, Mon-Han Fever is once again sqeeping the nation — ef, that’s a typo but I don’t wanan fix it. “Sqeeping” is the new “sweeping” from here on out, trendsters. In other news, I just typed “ef.” I dunno what’s up today, kids. Anyway, for three weeks straight, it’s been ranked as the most-wanted game, the longtime champ before that being Dragon Quest X. That, plus the promised pictures of the beautiful cherry blossoms below.

Other games bouncing around the top 10 include: Final Fntasy Versus XIII (PS3), Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 (DS), Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker (PSP), Ni No Kuni (DS), Pokemon Black and White (recent comer) (DS), Last Ranker (PSP), Ghost Trick (DS), and Metal Gear Solid Rising (PS3). Those ones have been trading positions in the top 10 for like a month now. RPGs tapping the most recent top 30 include:
#13 Xenoblade (Wii)
#14 Final Fantasy XIV (PC, PS3)
#15 Final Fantasy XIII Agito (PSP, Mobile)
#19 Last Remnant (PS3) (…um?)
#21 NieR Replicant (PS3)
#22 Monster Hunter Frontier Online (360, PC)
#30 Fantasy Life (DS)

In upcoming game news, you know those dogs that had the bazookas on their backs in the 2006 PS2 RPG Metal Saga? Yeah probably not. But that’s why I’m here! They looked like this.
Well, the assault dogs are back in the Metal Max series’s next installment for DS, Metal Max 3. And this excites me. See the right page of the scan below.  There is clearly a dog with a machine gun mounted on its back.

Something else described in these pages is the bounties that will be running around.  Here, we see a big ol’ mutant monster truck and three-eyed cloud, the defeat of which can bring piles of gold.

In the MMORPGLand column, I’d mentioned showing some of the cherry blossoms that were in full bloom the last two weeks here in Japan. Well, here they are. Some were taken at night during a local park’s special annual “light up night” of the Sakura (cherry blossoms). Others were taken at different parks on different days.  The dessert picture below is some awesome sakura mont blanc.




Plus I climbed a tree because what the hell.

Thanks for reading!  See you next time~

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