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Square Enix prez notes Versus XIII not necessarily PS3 exclusive, internet needs breather

By Heath | May 19, 2010 at 9:47 am

Square Enix president Yoichi Wada, in discussing company finance, made a note of something internet readers might declare a “megaton” of sorts.  It seems that Final Fantasy Versus XIII ‘s status as a PS3 exclusive is not set in stone. 

Two years ago (at E3 2008), Final Fantasy XIII hopped off the exclusive track as Square announced the game would be ported to the Xbox 360, but no mention of Final Fantasy Versus XIII following suit was made at the time.  With years gone by and no news, many people have been assuming it’s totally going to PS3 alone.  As reported by Impress, Wada clarified that details, including which console(s) it would be released for, would have to wait until official announcement time. All plans for the release are up for consideration and discussion right up until the moment of the announcement.

This has been causing quite a stir on the internet, of course.  Wada tried to tone things down on his Twitter thing (he probably doesn’t follow us…but he should) by saying, loosely translated, “Hey man, relax, I just said that ALL details of the game have not been finalized, and everything must be fully considered before we announce stuff.  I didn’t say it’s COMING to the 360”  The New International Version adds a “Cripes” at the end.

The point is this: yes, his comments mean that an Xbox 360 port of Final Fantasy Versus XIII is not out of the question, but we never know how close or how far things are from getting solidified.  For every deal a business does make, there are 10 more it doesn’t.  Wait for the official announcements, internet.

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