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Carnivore Day Cookoff Contest: Win Atelier Rorona

By Heath | September 12, 2010 at 4:40 am

Carnivore Day has been an September tradition at RPG Land for 5 straight years now. On this 5th anniversary of our most sacred celebration of delicious animals, we’re giving one lucky/skilled RPG Land reader a free video game.
WHO: All y’all.
WHAT YOU CAN WIN: Atelier Rorona, an upcoming RPG by Gust and NIS America.
WHEN: Enter between now and midnight CST (lol Central Time) Wednesday, September 29th.
HOW: 1) Cook something delicious. This is happening on Carnivore Day, but you can use non-meat items such as fish or duck. (Nah I’m kidding. Cook whatever you want.)

2) Email us some pictures (contest@rpgland.com) of your delicious dish. You must somehow identify it as being for our contest though, so we have a little more proof you didn’t just grab a picture of steak from the Outback’s website. Perhaps write a little note that says “Atelier Rorona” or “RPG Land Contest,” and include it in the photo. Just so we know you’re legit. Too legit. Too legit 2 quit.

3) Also email the recipe! We wanna know what you did. The winner will be announced on RPGLand.com shortly after the end of the contest. We’ll also contact you directly by email.  We’re also not gonna sign you up for any newsletters or dumb crap like that.

You do NOT need to send any personal information with your entry. We will only need your name and address if you win, so we’ll wait to ask for it.

RPG Land Staff, and maybe some people from NIS America if they’re not busy, will judge the entries and pick a winner.

-Contestants must be at least 15 years of age.
-RPG Land reserves all legal rights and law stuff.

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