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Man jailed for posting Pokemon online

By Heath | November 4, 2010 at 12:54 pm

Nintendo apparently didn’t want anyone to see certain Pocket Monsters before the Sept. 18 release of Pokemon Black/White, and a man who partially foiled this is now sitting in jail.

On Sept. 1, Makoto Sekiguchi used his cellphone to upload pictures of six then-unrevealed Pokemon. Now, police have tracked him down. With how how often magazine pages are leaked and posted online (*cough*), one would think he’d be fine, but apprently the “Saibaa patorouru” (cyber patrol) is pretty instense. Perhaps in a country where the police don’t carry guns, it’s safest for everyone if they only persue those they know will be unarmed and generally unathletic, such as Pokemon fans.

Sekiguchi is being held on charges of copyright infringement, which…again, is odd, considering how many snack shops, dentist offices, and coin laundry places hang up Pokemon characters without any consent. It is yet undetermined if he will be fined, sentenced to further jail time, or God knows what.

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Source: 47 News

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