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RPG Land’s 11th “What We’re Thankful For”

By Heath | November 25, 2010 at 9:04 pm

American Thanksgiving is here, which means we once again post a special note about things RPG Land is thankful for.  As usual, we should start by thanking everyone who’s ever read a page of RPG Land, even if they hated it.  Hey, thanks for giving it a shot at least.

We’re grateful, of course, even moreso for those that enjoy it enough to come back, to participate in certain interactive things we try and throw together, and for joining us in not taking dumb things too seriously.

We’re thankful for the game companies, fans, and various staff members who have supported this little corner of the internet, and we sincerely hope you too can find something to enjoy within our pages.

-RPG Land Staff

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