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Aksys bringing Half-Minute Hero spinoff Jikandia stateside

By Heath | November 28, 2010 at 1:56 pm

Months ago we told you about Jikan de Phantasia, a spiritual sequel to Half-Minute Hero (not to be confused with the actual sequel, coming soon). Aksys Games has picked it up and will be releasing the game in North America this spring, under the name Jikandia: The Timeless Land.

I’m doing that thing where I write news at 4am (don’t raise eyebrows at the site’s CST time stamp, I’m in Asia, dick), so here comes some press release quotage.

In the midst of the mayhem gripping the land, an ancient spirit known as Temtem, hoping to restore peace and harmony to the troubled land, somehow gained mastery over time and space. With this new-found power, Temtem attempted to summon the nine heroes of legend. Nine kids on their way to school found themselves summoned through time and space to become the champions of Jikandia. However, only Al, who was separated from his friends while traveling through the void, appeared before Temtem. Neither of them knew what had happened to Al’s friends, but it soon become clear that Al had to find them, and right Jikandia’s wrongs, if he was ever to return home.

In Jikandia, you must travel through dungeons in search of your friends. You can set the time limit for each dungeon yourself! Dungeons are altered in several ways according to the time limit you set, so no adventure is the same twice! The longer you spend in one, the more likely you’ll come across rare items and treasure chests…but you’ll also face more monsters and difficult traps. Also, by meeting certain requirements, you can unlock specific events and cause legendary items to appear. Activating the “Awakening” mode will make you stronger, faster, and more powerful! Obtain magic orbs to customize your hero’s skills as you wish. Up to four PSP systems can be linked to play in the Jikandia Coliseum timed stages where you can battle against your friends and dodge traps to win with the highest score!

Some screenshots are on the official Aksys Games website which we’ll bring over here soon as well.

Thankfully, RPG Land on Twitter and Facebook is no respecter of time zones.

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