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Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailer with play-by-play

By Heath | January 20, 2011 at 7:11 am

Here is the Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailer played at the Square’s big announceapalooza. I’ll tell you what they’re saying below the video.

Guy driving car: Huh? That’s a big impact, isn’t it?
Noctis: Yeah…looks like that’s getting conquered, eh?
Noctis: Goodbye, whoever you are.

(Words on the bottom of screen) Prince Noctis can see light too, can’t he?

Girl: “So can I.  When goddess Etro opens the gates to the dead spirits, Death Country (the fuck?) will shine towards heaven.  People who can see the light may be given power from the land of the dead. Did Noctis receive that power?”
Noctis: “Frankly my dear, I’d rather not see Etro’s light.”
Girl: “But what’s wrong with it? Why not be one of the ones that can see it? I feel there’s something special about it.”
Noctis: “About seeing the light?”
Girl: “Yes. For example, all the things I can and should do.”

-Cut to man in chair-
“He was totally using it. Too bad you can’t be king. I won’t be giving up the throne. I’ll be the final king.”

They then discuss getting a crystal back and how Noctis need moe time for…something. His…”body isn’t ready.” Take from that what you will.

Some guy: “Let’s go!”
Noctis: “Wait, I’m the strongest…what are we doing running?”
Some Guy: “You being strongest is why you can’t go on.”

He explains that since Noctis is a target, a lot of people might die if he’s around the enemy. He suggests negotiating, to which Noctis is like “Nah, let’s just beat all of them!” His buddies remind him that he’s powerful, but not powerful enough for something like that.

Last clip:

Noctis: “Gonna pay me back tenfold?”
Guy with Glasses: “Oh you’ll get a hundred times the payback…if you know what I mean.”
Noctis: *Doesn’t*

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