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I can’t believe how dumb this is

By Janelle | September 30, 2011 at 8:36 am

So I was browsing Famitsu for news that I missed while I was out doing real life things, and I spotted this story about a PSP port of Phantom Kingdom (Makai Kingdom in the West). I got really excited until I actually read the (sorry excuse for) content of the news story. My conversation with Heath went something like this:

Me: “Wow, cool, a portable version of Phantom Kingdom!”
Heath: “What, for Android?”
Me: “No, for PSP. Oh, I guess it comes out next week. I must have missed this.”
Heath: “What’s the news?”
Me: “Well, there’s a countdown on the official website for…but wait, we already know the release date. A countdown for…the actual release.”
Heath: “…so what’s the news, again?”
Me: “The news is apparently that different characters will just…say things at you every day when you visit the site. A brief line or two of voiced dialogue. ‘It changes every day! Which characters will deliver what sort of comments?’ Wow, why am I reading this? I can’t believe how dumb this is. Why is this news?”
Heath: “You should make a post about this on the site talking about exactly how dumb this is–”
Me: “–and in doing so produce more dumb game journalism? On it!”

EDIT: And then I categorized this as news without thinking!

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