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PSN Chrono Trigger still has load times

By Heath | October 4, 2011 at 5:44 pm

The SNES classics Chrono Trigger is now available on the PSN Store, ready to be played on your PSP or PS3. Considered very widely to be the best RPG of the SNES era, by some even to be the best RPG of the 90’s, and by some still to be the greatest game ever made, there was one noteworthy hiccup gamers were worried about with the PSN release: load times.

Since this is on the PSN Store as a “PSOne Classic,” the version being ported is the version that appeared alongside Final Fantasy IV in Final Fantasy Chronicles, which suffered some load times that made a lot of people vocalize their anger. After making the $10 download, we’re sad to confirm that the load times are still there. There will be a black screen for 3-6 seconds when entering/exiting buildings, entering/exiting towns, going to the menu, and so on. The music actually slowed down when I saved the first time.

Now, if this is the only way you can play Chrono Trigger, don’t fret; it’s still going to be an overall kickass experience for you. If you have an appreciation for the older JRPGs, Chrono Trigger on PSN is still a fine choice. The optimum seems to be playing it on a DS, if possible, though. This game is $10, and you can probably find a DS copy for not much more if you look around enough, and that version came with a little bit of new game content as well.

Either way, it’s always a good thing when more new kids can enjoy one of the true greats of RPG history.

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