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College Kids Make Fake Final Fantasy XV (Versus XIII) Trailer, Internet Eats It Up

By Michael | May 31, 2012 at 6:37 pm

So here’s what happened. A few college kids made a video with some footage from old Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailers and added their photoshopped Final Fantasy XV logo at the end. They went into an auditorium and picked a camera angle that would have some people in it, but not show you that the place wasn’t filled anywhere near capacity. They set up the lighting so that the MC’s face is never shown, because he is not Japanese. (His fake Japanese accent comes through terribly, but they don’t know that because they can’t tell the difference.) They got about 15-25 of their friends to stand behind the camera and cheer loudly on cue. They released this super-fake video and for some reason it’s causing a lot of fuss. I guess it doesn’t take much to fool some people.

I don’t know how anyone took this seriously.

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