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RPG Deals 12/15 – 12/21

By Russ | December 15, 2013 at 5:01 pm

Looks like advice is the order of the week.

Though it looks like Best Buy is offering 20% on new games for 2 years if people sign up for Best Buy’s video game rewards program.

This is a high time for credit fraud. Retail stores are hiring people to fill in gaps for the season and sometimes those people aren’t the most honest. Last year I was the “victim” of credit card fraud. I use victim in quotes because I only lost about $60 which was immediately placed back, an hour of time, and had to get a new card. This is the best-case scenario for this situation.

So let’s talk prevention. The first thing you can do is always keep your ID with you. Also, don’t get pissy when someone asks for your ID. Common sense is to have the damn thing on you at all times anyway. Keeping your ID within reach will be helpful, because store associates should be asking for it during large credit transactions.

Which brings me to my next point. Store associates should ask for ID! People often like this.

Finally; on your credit cards: Sign all of your credit cards AND write SEE ID next to your name. If the card gets worn down, rewrite it.

Each of these efforts will help curb the ability of someone picking up your card and using it. In order to prevent people for getting your card’s info using an electronic device; do not hand over your card. Use the machines in front of you and run the card through on your own. Handing over your card is when a sales associate gone wrong has the time to quickly scan your card. It’s surprising how easy it is to do – Wal-Mart had some trouble last year do to such activities.

That’s all there is to it. Happy Hunting.

Disclaimer: Deals may not be available in all stores. Deals may stop at any time. Prices in each store may differ depending on location. You can try different stores to mitigate price differences, and always ask if a store has the item before leaving the store. You might be able to get a raincheck. Many deals are both in-store and online. This column brought to you by pure and unbridled frustration. But not at gaming. 


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