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Shop Watch February 2015

By Russ | February 9, 2015 at 12:04 am

Less a column and more of a rant.

Methinks I need to recharge my sanity meter.

Titles shipped week of February 1

Criminal Girls: Invite Only, published by NISA (Vita). I remember back in the SNES and early PSX era – an era so early we still called the PS1 the PSX – I wished fervently for all of these fascinating RPG s to make landfall on the shores of NorthAm like some type of benevolent aggressor; ready to freedom fight its way into my console and thus my heart. Instead, getting all the JRPGs on western shores has only ensured for every Persona 3 or 4 there’s a bunch of Conception II, Witch and the Hundred Knight, and Criminal Girls. Criminal Girls – I think in the 70’s this was called exploitation.

Titles shipping week of February 8

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, published by Capcom (3DS). Monster Hunter has become synonymous with Pokemon to me – if you hear the title you know exactly what to expect and potentially look forward to doing. Here’s entry number 4; enjoy.

Titles shipping week of February 22

Hyperdevotion Noire – Goddess Black Heart, published by NISA (Vita). The Hyperdimension series heads takes a turn toward the strategy RPG genre in this Vita title as I take a turn the remainder of this pint of vodka. I like the aesthetics of the Hyperdimension series. Moe anthropomorphism is cute, and cute things are likable. In a perfect world both this title and even Criminal Girls would sit on my shelf as curiosities; mostly unplayed due to lack of time or need to review. However, this isn’t a perfect world and reflects the viewpoint shared above where getting all the JRPGs means getting ALL THE JRPGs.

So what did you buy this month? Share your thoughts on facebook and twitter.

Some Advice: Physical Vita titles? Yeah, that’s not much of a thing. You want them; get them. Monster Hunter 4? You want a limited or collectors edition you pick that shit up because it’s already sold out.

The Future: Final Fantasy Type-0, one of those titles NorthAm wanted and didn’t initially get is coming to the PS4. Buy that shit. Twice if you gotta. Vote with that dollar! Vote!


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