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RPG Deals 4/12 – 4/18

By Russ | April 12, 2015 at 11:17 pm

Funny story time.

Way back when the original Dragon Age game came out, I bought it at the same time as Demon’s Souls. I was really looking forward to Dragon Age, and Demon’s Souls sat by the wayside for a few weeks until I realized Dragon Age pissed me off with a which bug kept me from continuing forward. Screw that crap.

Anyway, I tried out Demon’s Souls and was instantly hooked. I did three playthroughs back-to-back, and still have a lot more to do. When Dark Souls came out, I platted that game¬†within a few months of its release. I’ve been too financially strapped to grab Dark Souls II, and now with the Scholar of the First Sin edition I’ll just wait until I have a PS4.

What prompted this story is the lack of Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin or Bloodborne deals, yet Dragon Age is on sale until tomorrow morning through the PSN. Again, the game isn’t bad – I just ran into an unfortunate bug. Many parts of it are quite good.


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