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Best Video Game Podcast #3 – Unsurprising Surprises

By Heath | June 14, 2015 at 8:18 am

You can stream this podcast with the MixCloud link below, or download the MP3 right here.

We discuss…

00:00 – Unsurprising Surprises
00:40 – The Uncharted PS4 Collection
05:40 – Leaks and Fallout 4
12:04 – No Stella in Final Fantasy XV
14:16 – Dark Souls 3 leaked
15:51 – Predicting unsurprising surprises
19:17 – Should companies try to surprise us? The battle for attention.
26:10 – The biggest surprises are things we don’t want

It seemed like, when a lot of these things were announced, instead of saying, “Whaaaaaat!?” we felt more like “Well yeah, of course.”

Were you surprised by any of these? Wanna make some not-so-bold predictions for the future? Tweet @RPGLand.

Either way, thank you as always for listening. If you liked it, let us know.

5 Unsurprising Surprises: A Podcast of E3, Leaks, News, Expectations – Best Video Game Podcast #3 by Best Video Game Podcast on Mixcloud

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