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RPG Deals 9/20 – 9/26

By Russ | September 21, 2015 at 12:26 am

Time is less and less on our side.

But you can snag a digital version of Time & Eternity for $10 on Amazon.

Time’s a funny thing. I used to love the long run-times of RPGs; where 60 hours would be lost trying to find all the little hideaways the game offered. But as the PSX era ended, 120 hour games were becoming more prevalent. The time would be padded over two different protagonists or multiple endings with small differences, yet still required a 40- 60 hour playthrough for each ending,. So I sought games which would offer a great experience and not a mindless grind.

And now I play Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward like it’s a second job. Huh.

I tease, of course. Happy Hunting.


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