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Shop Watch March 2016

By Russ | March 6, 2016 at 2:13 pm

Unexpected re-issues.

March contains two unexpected titles: A Popolocrois-based Story of Seasons and for some godforsaken reason a remaster of The Witch and the Hundred Knight.

Harvest Popolocrois (HarPo?) is something a lot of players will have never experienced beyond the recurring Story of Seasons gameplay. The only other Popolocrois game was a small PSP re-release and abridging of the two previously Japanese-only games. At the very least, Popolocrois looks to fit well with the overall Story of Seasons feel.

The Witch and the Hundred Knight is a game whose story was only furthered by taking the only smart person in the room and ignoring the fact they are smart. This is doubly bad because the speaking protagonist is already unlikable. The game is not offensive, and the battle system is actually decent; but I can’t imagine anyone caring enough to buy it twice.

And that is apparently it for March. Next month contains Dark Souls III, also known as “Who cares about other games?”

Well, someone probably does.




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